As we get older we tend to look back at certain times in our life.  I’ve done that a lot since birthdays seem to come faster and faster.  I’m looking forward to turning 50 (I know I’m already 50…stay focused!) when I think I’ll have some things figured out, specifically my creative path and journey.  Over the years, I’ve embroidered (cross-stitch), crocheted, dabbled in graphic design, made beautiful dried flower arrangements, and created scrap books and greeting cards all the while teaching myself.   There are classes for all those creative outlets, but I believed (and still do) that if I have the desire to learn something, I can teach myself.  And I didn’t like sewing and art classes in school because I didn’t want to make my own clothes and there is nothing wrong with drawing stick people. 

Fast forward to now.

Lately, I’ve had awful studio days where I couldn’t seem to conquer a particular technique.  I reminded myself, “When I want to learn how to do something, I teach myself.”  But one day repeating my reminder simply didn’t work.  I had to think long and hard on something I taught myself to do and that I’m pretty good at.  It came to me…I taught myself how to drive!

I sure did! (Picture me saying this with my hands on my hips and sass in my voice!)

My parents were divorced so my brother and I were shipped back and forth quite frequently, and I always missed the driver’s education classes for the semester.  So, I just took my Dad’s car…or if I was with my Mom, I took her car.  That’ll teach them to disrupt a teenager’s life…again.  Anyway, I did it often enough that I was eventually stopped…by a sweet-smelling officer with a sour disposition.  He hauled me off to the hoosegow for driving without a license.  My point?  Though I didn’t have formal drivers training, I wanted to learn how to drive, so, I just jumped in the car and drove.  I must add that I never had an accident.  Well, I did have a ‘mishap’ where I backed into a truck and shattered my van’s rear window.  Yeah, it was one of those times when I was in a tizzy, trying to get more school supplies from yet another teacher list.  I had a van full of children and I just don’t know where that parked truck came from.  😊

I say all of that to simply say, we really can do anything we put our minds to.  We need to be willing to dig deep and pull up our innate determination, set aside or schedule time, refuse to drag our feet, have patience, and believe (in ourselves and in what we are doing). If we do these things, we’ll be driving…I mean creating (or whatever it is you want to do) in no time.

Let’s get to the art, shall we?

pic of room

I love this living room.  And the art on the wall is perfect!

stitched spirations wip 2

Work in progress.  Resist on fabric

stitched spirations wip 1

Work in progress close up.  See the bleeding…hence the blog post.



WIP – Under painting.  This was freeing.  Sometimes I feel like I paint so tight.  So this was a good way to loosen up first. 

october art journal page

I managed to get some art journaling done in October.

You’ll have to stick around for December to see the finished piece on the under painting.  Just as I was about to “put it out there” to attempt to sell, I had a studio visit and it was sold.  Ok, so it was purchased by my husband, but its a sale nonetheless.  Do you think I should charge him?  I did say “attempt to sell…”

Until next time, I am Relaxing In Art