I could not let another month pass without checking in.  I really do have an editorial calendar…you know, something set up to say, “Hey, update your blog.”  Well, it’s easy to let it slip by because there is something else that seems to take my attention away.  Well, that’s not entirely the truth.  I’d rather do something else, then sit and type out my thousands of …hundreds…okay a dozen of blog posts ready to go.  At some point I’ll add automation, but until that happens, please bear with me, as I try to stay disciplined with this.

And…that’s enough typing.

This is what I’ve been up too…no particular order, just pics with blurbs…



Fabric Post Cards.  This is my go-to project when I’m stuck on something.  Hmmm…I guess I could’ve used that time to update my blog…


I recently entered fiber art into a juried Exhibition in PA (I won’t know if any of my pieces were accepted until November)



Back to back publications in a card magazine including a first ever (for me) front cover!


Commission work for a client in Venelles, France



Sold work!



If Only in My Dreams was part of the African American Quilt Circle Exhibition in August.

I could keep going with other pics and “honorable mentions” but I want you to stick around for next month….when I’m back on my editorial calendar…for real this time ya’ll.

I can tell you that the next couple of months will still be busy.  No rest for the working artist!  Not only am I working on building my portfolio, I’m also working on a series, and there’s a show in New Orleans in September 2018 that will make my 2018 off the charts if I can get in.  It’s one thing to enter your work into a show where it’s not judged…it’s a totally different ballgame when you’re competing.  And I’m still learning, so there’s a lot of frustration being slung around in here along with paint and thread!  I’m also the Exhibition Chair for the 2018 Professional Art Quilters Alliance – South (PAQA-South) Member’s Show.  It was my responsibility to choose the theme,  find jurors, get the prospectus out and come up with a blurb about the theme…AQPass color 080817

Passion has been defined as the object of a strong desire, compelling emotion, or even violent anger. This intense vigor is, at times, at the forefront of our drive and determination to get something accomplished. Perhaps one will have to maneuver through muck and mire to arrive at the sweet spot, but it’s the energy throughout the journey that fuels the enthusiasm of the drive forward. Meditate on something that stirs you up, then share your interpretation of passion in art quilt form.

The logo was created by Jill Kerttula (http://www.jillkerttula.com/) who was a graphic designer in her former life…and now creates amazing art quilts.

It’s an exciting position to have and will really give me insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Now…you go and make something!  Even if it’s just dinner…put that creative mind to work and whip something up.  Go scribble some thoughts down to get something off your chest.  Then take paint (or a sharpie, or whatever you have) and draw a picture over it.  No one will be able to read what you wrote, you’ve gotten something off your chest, and created a piece of art.  Or take a piece of fabric and just stitch!  Slow stitching is fine if you don’t have a machine.  If you prefer to create something in the kitchen…come up with an original recipe…then call me!

Until next time, I am Relaxing In Art.